The 17th International Conference on Software Engineering

and Co-Located Events

April 23-30 1995
Seattle, Washington, USA
Westin Hotel

To software engineering in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington.
General Chair: Dewayne Perry
Program Co-Chairs: Ross Jeffery and David Notkin
  • Fred Brooks' slides (compressed postscript)
  • Table of Contents for Michael Jackson's slides (compressed postscript)
  • Michael Jackson's slides, unordered (compressed postscript)
  • ICSE-17 WOW Newsletter, Wednesday 4/26/95 (compressed postscript)
  • ICSE-17 WOW Newsletter, Thursday 4/27/95 (compressed postscript)
  • ICSE-17 WOW Newsletter, Friday 4/28/95 (compressed postscript)
  • Conference-at-a-Glance
  • ICSE-17 Workshops
  • Co-Located Events
  • Registration
  • Executive Committee Members
  • Program Committee Members
  • Student Volunteers Program
  • MBONE Broadcast Schedule (Internet Video)
  • Local Arrangements
  • Sponsors
  • Past and Future ICSEs
  • Westin Hotel
  • Seattle information
  • Preliminary Program (ASCII)
  • Preliminary Program (compressed postscript)
  • dsr

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