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ICSE-17 will be held in Seattle, Washington. Seattle is a city that offers everything from mountains to rain forest, from backpacking to boating, from local wines and beers to gourmet coffee, from Pearl Jam to the Seattle Opera, from airplane manufacturers to logging companies, and more. For general information on Seattle, look at:

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    In these pages, you'll find information about the city, local industries, shopping, restaurants, directions, universities, sights to see, and much, much more.

    Among the things you might find of interest (almost all taken from the WWW) are:

  • April weather. Seattle's average rainfall is 2.4 inches, with the high being 6.53 inches in 1991, and the low being 0.33 inches in 1956. The average high temperature is 57 degrees Fahrenheit, with the record high being 85 degrees in 1976. The average low temperature is 41 degrees, with the record being 29 degrees in 1975. The "skygazing mean" number of days are: sunny, 2.8; partly cloudy, 7.2; cloudy, 19.9; and rainy, 13.7.
  • Seattle is 83.9 square miles in land area.
  • Seattle's 1994 population is 531,400, with the greater metropolitan region having a population of 2,183,900. It is the 21st largest city in the USA.
  • Major employers include: The Boeing Company (82,200 employees), Safeway Stores Inc. (10,000), Microsoft (7,900), Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound (9,000), and Sears Roebuck & Company (8,000).
  • For more information from the Seattle-King County Convention and Visitors Bureau, call +1.206.461.5840.


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