Computer Systems & Networking


Tom Anderson

Distributed systems, networks, operating systems, security, parallel computing, education

Luis Ceze

Computer architecture, programming languages, parallel computing, operating systems, energy-efficient computing. 

Shyam Gollakota

Networks, wireless, mobile and ubiquitous computing, sensing, security and privacy

Arvind Krishnamurthy

Distributed systems, networks, operating systems, and security

Design, implementation, and analysis of high-performance computing and communication systems; data-intensive discovery (eScience); information technology and public policy
Operating systems design, distributed systems and the Web, security and privacy, computer architecture
Distributed systems, operating systems, security, and storage
Xi Wang
Computer systems, security, and programming languages
System security, streaming media multicast distribution techniques, distributed real-time rendering, performance evaluation, multi-media applications

Graduate Students
Distributed systems and security
NIC complexity, low-latency network architectures
Jialin Li
Operating systems, distributed systems, data center applications
Angli Liu
Low-latency distributed systems for data center applications
Haichen Shen
Adriana Szekeres
Operating system abstractions for distribution and protection for mobile/cloud applications
Mark J Zbikowski

Operating systems, Web services, file systems.
Distributed operating systems, storage systems for mobile/cloud applications
Distributed systems
Data center networks, fault-tolerant distributed systems


Some of our systems/networking/security alumni:

Gary Nutt (1972, University of Colorado),
Greg Andrews (1974, University of Arizona),
Carla Ellis (1979, Duke),
Hank Levy (1981, DEC -> UW),
Calton Pu (1986, OGI -> Georgia Tech),
Norm Hutchinson (1987, Arizona -> UBC),
John Bennett (1988, Rice -> Colorado),
Eric Jul (1989, University of Copenhagen),
Kevin Jeffay (1989, UNC),
Brian Bershad (1990, CMU -> UW -> Director of Google Seattle),
Jason Yi-Bing Lin (1990, Bellcore -> NCTU),
Tom Anderson (1991, Berkeley -> UW),
Cliff Neuman (1992, USC ISI),
Ed Felten (1993, Princeton),
Chandu Thekkath (1994, DEC SRC -> Microsoft Research),
Michael Rabinovich (1994, AT&T Research -> Case),
Jeff Chase (1995, Duke),
Jeff Dean (1996, DEC WRL -> Google),
Shun-Tak Leung (1996, DEC SRC -> Google),
Dean Tullsen (1996, UCSD),
Mike Feeley (1996, UBC),
Thu Nguyen (1999, Rutgers),
Geoff Voelker (2000, UCSD),
Brian Pinkerton (2000, Webcrawler -> AOL -> Excite -> independent consultant),
Stefan Savage (2002, UCSD),
Emin Gun Sirer (2002, Cornell),
Alec Wolman (2002, Microsoft Research),
Robert Grimm (2002, NYU),
Neil Spring (2004, Maryland),
Stefan Saroiu (2004, Toronto -> Microsoft Research),
Krishna Gummadi (2005, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems),
Mike Swift (2005, Wisconsin),
Ratul Mahajan (2005, Microsoft Research),
Tapan Parikh (2007, Berkeley),
Charlie Reis (2009, Google)
Roxana Geambasu (2011, Columbia University)
Peter Hornyack (2014, Google)