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SOSP-16 Committees

General Chair Program Chair

Michel Banâtre, IRISA/INRIA Henry Levy, University of Washington

Program Committee

Jeffrey Chase, Duke University
Richard Draves, Microsoft Research
David Gifford, MIT
Paulo Guedes, INESC
Henry Levy, University of Washington
Kai Li, Princeton University
Jeffrey Mogul, DEC WRL
Roger Needham, Cambridge University
John Ousterhout, SUN
Susan Owicki, InterTrust STAR Lab.
Karin Petersen, Xerox PARC
Mendel Rosenblum, Stanford University
John Wilkes, Hewlett-Packard

Work-in-Progress Session Chair

Karin Petersen, Xerox PARC

Conference Committee

Registration/Publicity: Valerie Issarny, IRISA/INRIA
Local Arrangements: Elisabeth Lebret, IRISA/INRIA
Treasurer: Christine Morin, IRISA/INRIA
Publications: Titos Saridakis, IRISA/INRIA
CD Rom: Bernard Hidoine, INRIA

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