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    • We have received information that an SNCF (train) strike is planned for October 8, the last day of the conference. Therefore, we are arranging alternative transportation on site to participants who planned to take the train on October 8th.

      In particular, we will reserve buses that will leave Saint-Malo after the Conference and will go to Orly airport, the center of Paris, and Roissy (Charles de Gaulle) airport. The coach fare will be of about FF 210 and the trip should take no more than 5 hours.

      Furthermore, for those who have to be in Paris early on Wednesday 8th, it is possible to take a flight (cost of FF 1063) from Rennes (Saint-Jacques) airport. Here is a list of possible flights on Wednesday 8th:

      Depart. Arrival. Flight Dest. Airport
      06:15 07:15 IT8720 CDG
      06:35 07:30 IT8700 Orly ouest
      15:45 16:40 IT8704 Orly ouest
      15:50 16:50 IT8724 CDG
      19:10 20:05 IT8706 Orly ouest

      Note that for those who already bought their SNCF ticket, reimbursement can only be made in the country where the ticket is bought.

      Finally, for those who will leave later than October 8th and are worried that a strike might last longer than a day, note that a minimum service is always ensured by SNCF, including the guarantee of 2 out of 3 TGVs. (Strikes in France are common, are announced in advance, and usually consist of reduced service, rather than complete removal of service.)

      We are sorry for this inconvenience, but we are trying to make it easy for people to follow their schedules.

Weather Information

    • The climate in Saint-Malo at the beginning of October may vary from sunny, warm weather with high temperature in the mid 20C (mid 70F) to rainy, stormy, cool weather with high temperature in the mid 10C (6OF). The lowest temperature should be no less than 10C (50F).

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