Anderson Family

Corin Anderson attended the University of Washington from 1993 through 2003. He earned a Bachelors degree in Computer Science & Math, and a Masters and Ph.D. in Computer Science. As an undergrad he was joined at the UW by his brother, Casey, and mother, Cathy, who earned Bachelors degrees in Compuer Engineering and Technical Communication. Then, while Corin completed his Ph.D. in CSE at UW, Casey also earned a Masters through the CSE Professional Masters Program. Sharing the college experience with family happened for the Andersons even before they attended UW. Corin, Casey, and Cathy all attended Highline Community College and graduated with Associates in Arts degree on the same night (and one day before Corin graduated from Foster High School in Tukwila, WA). Corin's father, Craig, rounded out the Anderson family support network. 

Corin always felt that the culture of the CSE department was one of its best features, and he did what he could to contribute to it. Corin was known for decorating his office, especially around holidays, and for always having snacks available for visitors. Corin carried on these traditions after graduation when he joined Google in Mountain View, CA, in 2002. Google values and benefits from these traditions, and Corin has greatly enjoyed his tenure there, including with many CSE alumni.

Year Awardee
2008-2009Thomas Bergan
2009-2010Robert Gens
2010-2011Not awarded
2011-2012Daniel Butler
2012-2013Leila Zilles
2013-2014William Harley Montgomery
2014-2015Xiaoyi Zhang
2015-2016Aaron Walsman
2016-2017Leah Perlmutter
2017-2018Luke Nelson
2018-2019Maureen Daum
2019-2020Mike Merrill
2020-2021Kaiming Cheng