A Seattle Chapter ARCS Foundation Fellowship is an opportunity to contribute to America’s scientific and economic future by supporting the best and brightest of our nation’s science and engineering graduate students, whose rigorous academic endeavors and cutting-edge research are opening pathways to scientific discoveries that will benefit our state, our nation and our world.

The CSE department receives a number of ARCS Fellowships each year, and these awards are used for recruiting prospective graduate students. The Graduate Admissions Committee determines recipients.


YearAwardees (1 yr dissertation award, $2,500)Donor
1982-83Albert GreenbergNot available
1985-86Robert DuisbergMicrosoft (Steve Ballmer)
 Philip NelsonMicrosoft (Steve Ballmer)
1988-89change to TA or RA supplement 
1989-90transition to recruiting award 
 Awardees (3 yr award, $5,000/yr) 
1990-92Janet CarsonCable & Howse
1991-93Ted RomerNot available
1992-93, 93-94, 94-95Richard RogersNot available
1994-96Joel AuslanderMicrosoft
1995-97Brian Michalowski(unnamed)
1996-98Jeremy Buhler (declined, due to Hertz) 
 Alice (A.J.) BernheimWalker, Richer, Quinn
1997-99Jonathan AldrichWashington Research Foundation
 Jake Cockrell(unnamed)
 Rachel PottingerChristine Simpson Brent
 Steve WolfmanBarbara & Tom Cable
1998-00Neil SpringHunter Simpson
1999-01Luke McDowellPengra Capital Mgmt
 Sarah SchwarmZevenbergen Corp.
 Andrew WhitakerMelinda Gates
2000-02Molly BosticWashington Research Foundation
 Seth BridgesWashington Research Foundation
 Peter MorkWashington Research Foundation
 Mark SeigleWashington Research Foundation
 Marianne ShawZevenbergen Capital, Inc.
 Gary YngveWRQ,Inc.
2001-03Aseem AgarwalaJoanna & Kevin Cable
 Rick CoxWashington Research Foundation
 Daniel GoldmanPengra Capital Mgmt
 Antoine McNamaraWashington Research Foundation
 Andrew SchwerinCatherine & Jim Allchin
 Adrien TreuilleZevenbergen Capital, Inc.
2002-04Michael RingenburgWashington Research Foundation
2003-05Lillian KittredgeWashington Research Foundation
 Julia LetchnerBezos ARCS Founders Fellowship
 Benson LimketkaiBezos ARCS Founders Fellowship
 Andrew PutnamARCS Founders Fellowship
 Keith 'Noah' SnavelyWRQ, Inc.
2004-06Chandrika JayantIda Cole Fellowship-Barbara Cahill
 Stefan SchoenmackersWashington Research Foundation
2005-07Eytan AdarPengra Capital Management, Inc.
 Michael PiatekWashington Research Foundation
2006-08Andrew GuilloryBezos AI/Robotics
 Katherine MooreBezos
2007-09Tamara DenningARCS Seattle Chapter in honor of Marlene Durbin
 Evan HerbstJeffrey P. Bezos Fellowship
2008-10Morgan DixonWashington Research Foundation
 Benjamin WoodVirginia M. Dickenson Memorial ARCS Endowment
2009-11Daniel LeventhalJeffrey P. Bezos
2010-12Samuel KaufmanARCS Seattle Chapter Fellow
 Kyle RectorBecky & Jack Benaroya ARCS Endowment
2011-2013Maxwell LibbrechtWashington Research Foundation
 Awardees (3 yr award, $17,500 total) 
2012-2014Gabriel Schubiner 
 Irene Zhang 
2013-2015Pavel Pancheckha 
 April Shen 
2014-2016Daniel Gordon 
 Jessica Schroeder 
2015-2018Aaron Walsman 
 Zuoming Shi 
2016-2019Morelle Arian 
 Rowan Zellers 
 Nicholas Nuechterlein 
 Saadia Gabriel