The Google Anita Borg Scholarship was first launched in 2004 when a group of Googlers decided to establish a program that would honor the work of their friend and colleague Dr. Anita Borg. Since 2004, the program has expanded to include women in Canada, Australia, New Zealand,Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Google is proud to recognize the alumnae of the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship program. We celebrate their accomplishments and contributions to the technology field.

Year Awardees
2004 Shalaka S. Bhuskute (undergrad Winner), Jessica Miller (grad Finalist)
2005 Jenny Yuen (undergrad Winner)
2006 Michele Banko (grad Winner), Annie Liu (undergrad Finalist)
2007 Martha Mercaldi (grad Winner), Bao Nguyen Nguyen (grad Finalist)
2008 Kate Everitt (grad Winner), Julia Letchner (grad Winner)
2009 Saleema Amershi (grad Winner), Kristi Morton (grad Finalist), Julia Schwartz (undergrad Finalist)
2010 Lydia Chilton (grad Winner), Kristi Morton (grad Winner), Kyle Rector (grad Winner), Juliet Bernstein (grad Finalist)
2011 Janara Christensen (grad Winner), Kateryna Kuksenok (grad Winner) 
2012 Nicola Dell (grad Winner)