Denice DentonIn 1990, under the leadership of Professor Richard Ladner, UW Computer Science & Engineering established an endowment to help support our commitment to a diverse student population. Fifteen years later, thanks to the generosity of faculty, staff, students, friends, and alumni who share this commitment, the endowment had grown to more than a quarter of a million dollars.

In June 2006, CSE named the endowment to honor Denice Dee Denton, who served as Dean of the University of Washington College of Engineering from 1996-2005. Denice was an inspirational leader and a strong voice for social justice, diversity, and excellence. She possessed enormous measures of vision, courage, integrity, and backbone.

Denice left the University of Washington in 2005 to become Chancellor (president) of the University of California at Santa Cruz. She passed away under tragic circumstances on June 24, 2006. The Denice Dee Denton Scholars in UW Computer Science & Engineering will serve as a lasting reminder of Denice: her character and the principles for which she stood.

Academic merit. Normally one year.

Year Awardee
2006-2007Bao Nguyen Nguyen
2008-2009Lisa Glendenning
2009-2010Lydia Chilton
2010-PresentNot awarded