Don and Cindy Hacherl both did their graduate work at the University of Washington. Don's studies were in the Computer Science & Engineering department. After leaving the UW, Don spent the next two decades at Microsoft where most of his time was spent designing and implementing distributed computing systems. This fellowship was prompted by Don's interest in supporting students who will contribute to the continued success of the software industry in our region.

Year Awardee
2007-2008Alexi Czeskis
2008-2009Morgan Dixon
2009-2010Adrian Sampson
2010-2011Not awarded
2011-2012Brandon Holt
2012-2013Peter Ney
2013-2014Danyang Zhuo
2014-2015Jiechen Chen
2015-2016Zuoming Shi
2016-2017Eric Zeng
2017-2018Nicholas Nuechterlein
2018-2019Kuikui Liu
2019-2020Xieyang Xu
2020-2021Alisa Liu