Dave WeilThis fellowship was established by UW alumni Marsha and Dave Weil. After earning a master's degree in Computer Science & Engineering, Dave spent four years as a software developer at The Boeing Company. In 1980 he joined Microsoft Corp., where he spent 17 years as a software developer, program manager, and software development manager for a variety of products including Visual C/C++ and Microsoft Works. He retired in 1997.

Academic merit. Normally one year.

Year Awardee
2007-2008Rahul Garg
2008-2009David Broderick
2009-2010Gilbert Bernstein
2010-2011Not awarded
2011-2012Makrand Sinha
2012-2013Thierry Moreau
2013-2014Donny Huang
2014-2015Sarah Elliott
2015-2016Helgi Sigurbjarnarson
2016-2017Tomer Kaftan
2017-2018Ivan Etimov
2018-2019Gus Smith
2019-2020Joe Breda
2020-2021Not awarded