2011 PhD graduates

Whether you're graduating, going on leave, or just leaving, there are some tasks that must be done. In general, leaving means that something will happen to your machine and desk. If you're leaving for only one or two quarters, contact Elise to make individual arrangements.

Here are the tasks to perform before you go:

  • Make sure you've gotten everything you need from the home directories associated with your computer accounts:
    From Windows: \\cseexec\cs\unix\homes\gws\yourusername
    From UNIX: /homes/gws/yourusername

  • Save what you need to save from the local disks of your machine. Note that the Lab reclaims the machines of students on leave. Here are the Graduate Student Desk and Machine Policies.

  • Contact Support to tell the CSE Lab that you are leaving. Give them the last day you will be here and tell them that you will no longer need your machine(s). Please cc Elise when you do.

  • Return any UW/CSE equipment (laptops or other mobile devices) issued to you when you arrived, or was loaned to you, or that you checked out, back to Support in CSE 207. Email support@cs if you have any questions. You can ask them to check what items show up under your name. This includes, but is not limited to, other departmentally owned laptops and mobile devices, including equipment provided by your advisor.

  • Clean up your desk space! Please discard of any trash and take your personal items with you. Empty out all drawers, etc. When your desk space looks as nice as it did when it was given to you, return your office key to the front desk.

  • If you are graduating, please see the Support page on alumni services, pertaining to email and web forwarding after graduation.

  • Change your address in MyUW, both as a student and as an employee. Your W-2 forms will be sent to the address you show under your employee tab.

  • Settle your debt at the Bensonstore!

  • And don't forget to give a hearty handshake or big hug to your CSE friends!