UW's Advising Expectations Document

The advisor-advisee relationship is a complicated one. This document was created to outline some tips on evaluating and handling your relationship with your advisor. It is a must-read for incoming grad students. It's also useful for older grads to make sure that their relationship with their advisor(s) are healthy and happy.

Advisor-Advisee Relationship Document

Original Format The original (2005) was made in Mac's Pages program. It's included here so the document can be kept up to date.

Tips On How to Get Started In Grad School

These tips come from Lawrence Saul, a CSE professor at UCSD. They touch on advising but are more generally useful for those starting out in graduate school.

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Grad Student Survey Results

Student Session at 2005 Faculty Retreat

In response to the 2005 gripe session, the faculty granted the grad students a two-hour session at the 2005 faculty retreat. During that session, the students focused on improving advising relationships. The final output of our work is a 4-page handout focused on improving advising relationships by clearly describing faculty and student expectations.

The agenda for the retreat included a summary of the 2005 grad student survey (Sarah Petersen), a presentation on improving advising by communicating expectations (Seth Bridges), and a small-group break-out session.

Here are the documents related to this session: