The purpose of this page is to explain the responsibilities of a student host for a faculty candidate. In general, the role of the student host is to be the liaison between the faculty and the grad students for the given faculty candidate. Specifically this involves getting grad students to come to the grad student meeting with the candidate and then making sure that students' opinions are registered to the faculty for review, via the web-based feedback page.

The job is actually quite easy, but there are some details about which you need to be aware Below is a rough listing of the steps to take.

  1. Please remember that all communication regarding faculty recruiting is confidential and should never be shared or discussed outside our department. We have worked hard to have a say in faculty recruiting. Violating confidentiality will result in a loss of that privilege.
  2. Make sure that there is a student meeting in the candidate's schedule. This will typically be done by Marianne Kiga but as an extra precaution, you should make sure it's there. The meeting will typically be at 1:30 on the first interview day (Tuesday or Thursday).
  3. NEW! ExCEL candidates have two student meetings: one with CSE and one with EE. Make sure that the two meetings don't conflict and that CSE students know which one to go to.
  4. Make sure that a room has been reserved for the student meeting; this will also often be done by Marianne but the final responsibility rests with you. Given how many people were attending these meetings in the past couple of years, CSE 303 is a good room for this.
  5. A week or two beforehand, send out information about when and where the meeting will be. The mail should be sent to active-grads@cs which contains only those grads who are actually here this quarter.Please be careful about this.
  6. A day or two beforehand, send a reminder e-mail to active-grads. Also, find out from the faculty host or the faculty search committee when they need the feedback by (typically the day after the candidate's visit). In your email to active-grads, remind people to use the web-based system, and include a link to the site in your email (you can copy and paste from the bottom of this page).
  7. Before the meeting, make sure you look at the feedback questions to make sure that the discussion is fruitful. As the student host, you are responsible for keeping discussion going during the meeting.
  8. NEW! Before the meeting, go down to the CSE reception and get a bottled water to help the candidate survive 1.5 hrs of talking! (a suggestion from a recent hire)
  9. During the meeting:
    • Greet the candidate and tell them what the meeting is about (a mutual opportunity to get to know one another where both sides are encouraged to ask whatever questions are on their mind). Try to set a friendly tone for the meeting -- some past candidates felt that the purpose of the meeting was merciless grilling by grads.
    • Have everyone introduce themselves with name, pronouns, year, research area, and who they work with.
    • Keep conversation going. This list of conversation questions is helpful if you run out of things to ask.
    • You are the moderator so do not hesitate to act like one. If the conversation strays on a tangent for too long, intervene to bring the conversation back on the "right track". Make sure all important areas are covered and ensure that the candidate feels free to ask questions back.
  10. After the meeting (and the talk), send e-mail to active-grads, reminding them of the feedback system for CSE candidates and ExCEL candidates and asking them for their comments by the deadline.
  11. Keep track of the feedback (the web form will allow you to see how many people have responded) and get more insistent on those who have not to provide their feedback in a timely manner. That's it! You may be asked by other students what the word is on the candidate, so you should keep your head up about that, but it's not required.

    It's good to include the link to the web-based feedback form in all of your emails: CSE ExCEL