The Allen School culture is something we all care about and we need your help to keep CSE a vibrant, welcoming, and fun place to live and work! Nothing happens that *you* as a member of the Allen school don't have the power to influence and change. This wiki contains a record of the people taking on the named service positions for the 2020-2021 academic year. Together all these positions make up the "Grad Student Committee," lovingly known as the GSC. Ideally multiple people can help with each position to reduce the workload on any individual!

If you have any questions, please email Kelly (kmack3 at cs) or Ather (asharif at cs) or ask the previous year's committee member (which you can find here: )

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Leadership & Representatives

Leadership positions at the Allen school are explicitly open to all members, regardless of your research area or time spent at the school (I.E. we strongly encourage first years to join!).

Position# NeededNames
Grad, VGrad, & Postdoc Advisory Council MembersMax 6 PhD students/quarterContact to get involved
UAW 4121 stewards & organizers8+This is not actually a GSC position. Email: or (list of volunteers: [])
Grad Student Committee Coordinators1-2Ather Sharif and Kelly Mack
GPSS Senators1-2names
Diversity and Inclusion Committee Representatives1-4

Yasaman Sefidgar, Marissa Radensky, Krzysztof Drewniak, Pratyush Patel, Lucy Lin

Make sure to contact the Diversity Committee at to get started

New Grads

These positions help shape new students' experiences at the school and can have huge impact. Often these are filled by current first or second years since they can freshly remember what it is like to be a new grad.

Position# NeededName
New Grad Orientation Organizers2-4Nathan Hatch, Samia Ibtasam, Emilia Gan, Miranda Wei
New Grad Mentoring Coordinator(s)1-2Ethan Gordon, Nikita Haduong

Recruiting & Prospectives

These positions are arguably some of the most important, and help determine the makeup of the Allen school for years to come.

Position# NeededName(s)
Prospective Student Committee Chairs4 minimum, recommended 5-6Anandghan Waghmare, Jasper Tran O'Leary, Ruotong Wang
Grad Admissions Liaison2-4Jialin Li, Liwei Jiang
Faculty Recruiting Liaisons2-4Mike Merrill, Aditya Kusupati, Yuhao Wan
Undergrad Liaison & Outreach Coordinators2Ethan Gordon, Emilia Gan

Grad Life

Position# NeededName
Benson Store Volunteer Coordinators1Taylor Gotfrid, names; See #benson-store channel on CSE slack
Care Committee Chairs1-2Miranda Wei; (and see #care-committee on CSE slack to volunteer)
Espresso Room Management5-8Matt Johnson; The espresso room is managed through #espresso and #espresso-mgmt on slack, email espresso at cs or join the channel if interested in helping out (maintenance, fundraising, etc)
Historians1Yuxuan Mei
NSF Seminar Coordinators1Nick Walker
Student Survey Coordinators1-2Gabrielle Strandquist, Miranda Wei
Treasurers1-2Steven Lyubomirsky
Grad Office/Lab Committee2-4Matt J.


Position# NeededName(s)
TGIF and Social Chairs3-5Jesse Martinez
Pit Party Coordinators1-2not happening :(
Holiday Party Coordinators1-2not happening :(
Holiday Party Skit Directors1-2not happening :(
Women's Events Coordinator2-5Amanda Baughan, Nicasia Beebe-Wang
LGBTQ+ Events Coordinator1-2Jesse Martinez, names
Pumpkin Carving Coordinators1names
PoCSci TGIF Coordinators1names
Ski Bums & IM Sports Coordinators1names
Friday Breakfast Coordinators1Jennifer Brennan