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The Allen School is thrilled to have you join us in the upcoming academic year! The pages here will help walk you through the steps needed to confirm enrollment, register for classes, order your computing hardware, and more. We will also be emailing you additional information at appropriate times through the summer, for that reason it's important that you make sure we have an email address that you will check regularly.

To help us start assigning advisor(s), desks, and more please complete this New Grad Onboarding Survey by April 30. NOTE: The survey will require sign-in with email and will allow you to update your response if you need to later. 

If you have questions at any time, please do not hesitate to ask.

See you in the fall!!

Elise Dorough
Director of Graduate Student Services

Joe Eckert
Ph.D. Academic Advisor

Les Sessoms
Recruitment & Retention Specialist

Elle Brown
Advising Program Coordinator