Guidelines for Faculty Recruiting Liaisons

Communicate with students and faculty recruiting chairs

  1. Before interview season begins (January)
    • Schedule and co-lead an info session + Q&A with the faculty recruiting chairs about why and how students should participate in faculty recruiting, and field any questions about the process.
    • Email cs-grads and postdocs right before the interview season starts reminding them that it’s important to participate and give feedback, telling how to find the schedule and give feedback, and a strong reminder about how important it is to keep confidential candidates truly confidential.
  2. Ongoing responsibilities throughout interview season
    • Send frequent reminders to all PhD students and postdocs to attend meetings and to give feedback (especially if attendance starts to dwindle).
    • Regularly seek updates from the director and/or faculty recruiting committee chairs, and then communicate them to students when permitted.
    • Occasionally, after reading student reviews, the faculty will have additional questions or require more detailed explanations of student feedback. In this case, the student host and/or student faculty liaisons will be asked to help obtain additional feedback from students (especially those who attended the student meeting). Students may either edit their reviews or communicate with the liaisons or student host directly.

Coordinate with student hosts

  • Help Marianne and faculty hosts recruit student hosts. Usually faculty hosts do this on their own, but may need to be reminded or helped. Regularly check for new student host assignments (these should happen at least two weeks before the faculty candidate visit - sometimes faculty hosts need a nudge).
  • Reach out to newly assigned student hosts to share guidelines with them, and otherwise support them by answering any questions they may have.
  • Remind student hosts to send out information about their student meetings (1 week before the visit, and a reminder the day before).
  • Request feedback from student hosts (via google forms) about how to improve the process for future years after each faculty candidate visit.

Helpful Resources

For any additional questions, refer to faculty recruiting liaisons from previous years or the faculty recruitng chairs.