Welcome to the TA home page!

Student Teaching Assistants are an integral part of the learning and teaching experience at the Allen School. Each quarter (excluding summer), CSE hires approximately:

  • 80+ undergraduate TAs dedicated to introductory programming courses.
  • 250+ undergraduate TAs working on other CSE courses.
  • 120+ graduate TAs who support all CSE courses.

TA working with capstone students If you are reading this page, you may be interested in applying for a graduate or undergraduate TA position or in finding out about resources available for your current TA position. The Graduate TA and Undergraduate TA menu items above provide information about application procedures, roles/responsibilities, and pay. Subsequent links (Administrative, Teaching, Technical, and Professional Development) direct you to resources that will help current TAs better perform their jobs.

Finally, take note of the Bob Bandes Award menu item. This award, established in 1984 in memory of Bob Bandes, a Computer Science graduate student who died in a skydiving accident the preceding year, recognizes exceptional performance by undergraduate and graduate students as CSE teaching assistants (lecturing, grading, consulting). It serves as both a memorial for Bob Bandes and as an acknowledgement of the outstanding contributions of our department's TAs.

Autumn Quarter 2024 TA Application -- Tentative Dates

  • July 12 -- Application Opens
  • Monday, July 22 (5:00 PM) -- Application Closes
  • Friday, July 26 (5:00 PM) -- Deadline for CSE grad students to withdraw TA application. After this date, any CSE grad student (PhD or BS/MS) with an active TA application will be assumed to be committed to accepting a TA assignment for autumn quarter (unless additional time requested).
  • July 23-28 -- Course instructors submit TA preferences.
  • Week of August 5 (tentative)-- Preliminary TA assignments posted.

Important note regarding CSE 12x (Introductory Programming) positions:

New TAs for CSE 121, 122, and 123 are selected through a separate process which takes place during the preceding quarter. An announcement with information on how to apply for winter 2025 CSE 12x TA positions will be made toward the end of the autumn quarter. More information on CSE 12x TA positions and instructions on how to apply and be notified when the application is available can be found here: http://courses.cs.washington.edu/courses/cse14x/ta/apply.php.

The CSE TA application for Autumn 2024 is OPEN!

Graduate TA: information and application here.

Undergraduate TA: information and application here.