Newly hired TAs should make sure that their Personal Information, Proof of Employment Eligibility, Affirmative Action Information, Tax withholding (W-4), and Direct Deposit information are complete and correct. Links to these forms are listed below.

Please note that it sometimes takes a few days for new hires to appear in the system.

Personal Information

Employees must verify and/or update their emergency contact and address information.
Note: Another screen will come up for you to send a notification to your department. Always contact your department when any update has been made.

Proof of Employment Eligibility

Federal law requires that all new employees and employees returning after a gap in employment verify their eligibility for employment. ALL EMPLOYEES MUST HAVE A CURRENT I-9 FORM ON FILE. TAs without a current I-9 form on file will be contacted by the TA Coordinator and asked to present proof of employment eligibility (please note minimum requirements) .

Affirmative Action

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is optional, but we encourage everyone to do this. For more information, see:

Tax Withholding (Update W-4)

A W-4 form must be completed upon initial hire. If the form is not completed, the Payroll Office will default the withholding to the highest rate, viz., single with zero allowances.