What exactly does being a direct-to-major admit mean?

Allen School direct-to-major admits are enrolled as an Allen School student upon entry to the UW. Direct-to-major students have access to all Allen School resources and events and are immediately welcomed into our community.

Can I pursue other academic interests in addition to computer science/computer engineering?

Yes! Many of our students take on an additional major or minor, or just take classes in areas that interest them outside of the Allen School. Our degree requirements are flexible and allow students time to explore other fantastic UW programs and opportunities. We encourage students to study abroad, take service learning courses, and participate in the UW Honors program.

Can I apply my AP/IB/A Levels Credit towards my degree?

Yes! Many of our students use credit earned in high school towards our degree requirements. Here is where you can find how exactly those credits will convert at UW.

Can I apply my community college coursework towards my CS degree?

Yes! If you attended a Washington State Community College, you can use the UW Equivalency Guide to find how exactly those credits will convert at UW.

How long does it take to complete your program?

It depends! Most of our direct-to-major students graduate in four years or less. Our degree is flexible and we are mindful about course enrollment (you won’t be “stuck” waiting a year to take the only class you need for graduation). If a student comes in with significant credit, they *could* graduate in six or seven quarters. Other students could probably graduate in three years but take four years because they are going above and beyond basic Allen School requirements, taking advantage of opportunities outside of the Allen School, doing off-season internships, etc. We encourage students to not rush their Allen School and UW experience- there is so much to do!

What if I need help in a class or face other difficulties?

We are here for you! The Allen School community is extremely supportive. We find that students are happy to help each other with coursework and internship interview prep. Our faculty and teaching assistants truly care about student learning and provide different kinds of academic support depending on the course and student needs. Our professional and peer advising team help with academics, navigating UW resources, and connecting students with resources for other tough situations (mental health, finances, etc.).

Is there housing for just Allen School students?

No. We encourage students to explore different living options (residence halls, fraternities and sororities, commuting) and choose what is best for them.