Lecture in the Amazon AuditoriumDegree Requirements

Our degree requirements provide students with a well-rounded foundation in computing, while at the same time allow students flexibility to choose electives and pursue other academic interests. After completing calculus and our introductory programming series, all students take courses in areas such as discrete math, data structures, probability, and hardware/software interface. Then, students choose electives from a long list that includes courses such as machine learning, data visualization, compilers, algorithms, and human computer interaction. We also have a data science option (essentially, a CS degree with more targeted electives). Wondering how your AP/IB/Community College classes would count? Look here.


Courses are taught by research faculty and lecture faculty who are invested in undergraduate education. As a public institution, we strive to teach as many students as possible while maintaining an extremely high quality of instruction. Our introductory programming courses can be quite large (~400-700) students. However, most other courses range from 25-150 students. To aid with student learning, our large lectures are accompanied by smaller sections of ~20-25 students led by an undergraduate teaching assistant.

Academic Support

Retention in our program is extremely high! If a student faces academic or personal difficulties, we are here for them. Professors and teaching assistants hold office hours every week, our advising team offers drop-in advising every school day, and we have technical staff on call practically 24/7. Our introductory programming courses offer a study center staffed by teaching assistants seven days a week. If students need help financing their education, we offer many need-based and merit-based scholarships.

Study Abroad

The Allen School offers direct exchanges with four top computer science universities in Europe. Courses are taught in English and count towards upper-division graduation requirements. In addition, many of our students partake in UW study abroad programs. Find more information about study abroad here.

Pursuing Other Majors/Minors/Honors

We absolutely encourage our students to pursue their academic interests outside the Allen School. Many of our students pursue another major, take on a minor, and/or pursue Interdisciplinary Honors. We encourage you to explore!

Startup Program

The Startup program is a small cohort-based program aimed at providing dynamic support to incoming Allen School Freshman direct-to-major students who are from low-income, first-generation and underserved communities. Beginning the summer before starting at the UW through the end of the first-year, students in the Startup program participate in a number of activities and resources to gain a strong first-year foundation that will prepare students for their next steps at UW. Learn more about the program here.