Students and advisers in Sylvan GroveStudent Organizations

The Allen School has a multitude of student organizations that are organized and managed by current students. Membership for all of these groups are open to all Allen School students, and each organization hosts several events each year to help foster a close community amongst the student population.

  • Student Advisory Council: The Student Advisory Council serves as a collective voice of undergrad and masters' students in the Allen School. The Council aims to address key issues in the Allen School including but not limited to: student wellness, diversity, curriculum development, and opportunities to engage in social good.
  • ACM Student Chapter: The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is an international society devoted to the advancement of scientific and educational computing. The UW student chapter, hosted by the CSE department, brings the motivation and spirit of this organization to campus and provides an atmosphere that encourages academic growth, departmental socializing, and open lines of communication between students and faculty.
  • ACM-W Student Chapter: The Association for Computing Machinery for Women (ACM-W) supports the recruitment and retention of women in computing fields, and showcases women leaders in computing. The CSE student chapter of ACM-W pursues multiple missions: to educate women about the field of computing, to engage women in exciting activities, to connect students with industry leaders, to promote the field of computing to younger students, and to support the activities of the ACM.
  • Minorities in Tech (MiT): Minorities in Tech supports underrepresented groups in the tech and industry and works to foster a more culturally inclusive CSE community. They are committed to creating an inclusive multicultural environment where differences are valued and respected.
  • GEN1: GEN1 aims to celebrate and support the Allen School’s vibrant and diverse first-generation community by providing resources and a community to ensure academic, professional, and personal success.
  • Q++ ( Q++ is a group at the University of Washington dedicated to providing support and community for LGBTQIA+ individuals within the Allen School community.

Academic Research

Many students dedicate their time to academic research, either for pay or for academic credit. We encourage you to explore the different labs and areas of research here. Some of our favorite projects our students are engaged with are: storing digital data in synthetic DNA, innovating augmented and virtual reality, and developing an app to detect opioid overdose.

Paid Teaching Assistantships

We have a robust teaching assistant (TA) program where undergraduates are paid to teach small sections (20-25 students) and hold office hours. TAs are extremely helpful to their peers and make a huge impact in the UW community. In addition, being a TA allows students to deepen their understanding of course materials and get to know faculty well. We find that our TAs are often fantastic at technical interviews for internships because of the skills gained by teaching.

K-12 Outreach

Many Allen School faculty, students, and staff are invested in broadening access to computing education. Our CSE Ambassador program gives students the opportunity to do K-12 outreach both on campus and also in local schools with a focus on students from underrepresented backgrounds and students who do not have prior CS experience.