Recruiting fair in the Allen Center atriumIndustry Affiliates Program

The Allen School has strong relations with major and local tech companies, as well as the start-up scene. You can find the list of the companies who participate in our affiliate program here. We have recruiting fairs twice a year for both internships and full time positions. Throughout the year, students are able to connect with companies through tech talks, company office hours, and surprise swag/food giveaways.

Career Coaching and Workshops

Our staff provide career prep workshops about resumes, technical interviews, graduate school options, negotiation, work/life balance, and more! We bring in industry experts for resume review sessions and mock technical interviews. Our alumni network loves to support and mentor our students!


Most of our students have at least one paid internship before graduation. In addition to excellent pay, students can receive academic credit for interning, which counts towards CS senior elective requirements. We are supportive of students taking off a quarter to do “off-season” internships.

Graduate School

Many of our students pursue graduate school. We offer a terrific combined masters/bachelors program, where students can seamlessly enter our accelerated master’s program immediately after their undergraduate courses are complete. Or, many students pursue other master’s programs or Ph.D. programs.