Information for Undergrads Requesting to be in a Study Group

The Allen School offers study group for the 14X series and majors-only 300 level courses. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of students in the Allen School we are only able to offer study groups to our current Allen School students and students who were offered a spot in a petition course. All other students should use the resources available to them through their CSE course. If you are a University of Washignton athlete, please e-mail Lacey Schmidt ( directly. 

Study groups can help you establish a strong academic foundation. They can be valuable if you're struggling, but they can also help you establish effective study habits, or explore your favorite courses more in-depth. Study group leaders can help clarify concepts, fill in the gaps, and can assist you in developing better strategies for approaching the material. However, they are not a replacement for a course TA, who will best know what is expected of students in the class. Instead, participating in a study group provides you with an additional resource that will help you prepare to be successful in the course.

Every quarter, CSE undergraduate and graduate students generously volunteer their time to lead study groups for undergraduates, and we do our best to match all students who submit a request. If you would like to sign-up for to participate in a study group this quarter, please read the Study Group Guidelines for Students before submitting the request form on that page.

Information for Undergrauate Volunteer Study Group Leaders

Why lead a study group? Essentially, leading a study group allows you to experience the best part of being a TA without all the extra responsibilities (ie: grading), and the time commitment is only one hour each week. Plus, you get to choose the subjects you enjoy most! When you fill out the online sign-up form, you can select courses according to your comfort level and interest.

Throughout the quarter, you'll work with an individual undergrad or with a small group, depending on the number of requests for a particular course. If you would like to sign-up to lead a study group this quarter, please read through the Guidelines for Volunteer Study Group Leaders before submitting the request form on that page.

The Study Group Commitment

Students are busy people. When you request to participate in a study group or volunteer to be a study group leader, you commit to meeting one hour per week for the remainder of the quarter. Please respect each others' time and keep this committment. Undergrads must remember that we have a limited number of study group leaders -- if you fail to meet with your assigned study group, we waste a valuable resource that could have benefitted another CSE major.