1. Plan to meet with your study group at least one hour per week. We expect you to meet as a group one hour per week. Your group may meet more frequently if your tutor has time, but tutors are allowed to say no to additional meeting requests since this is a volunteer position. 
  2. Keep your appointments. Tutors, please remember that the students are counting on your consistent help. Students, please remember that tutors are volunteering their time to help you. If you must miss a scheduled meeting, let your study group know and reschedule immediately.
  3. Come prepared. The goal of study groups is to help students approach problems in an effective way and to clarify concepts. We expect that both the student and the tutor comes prepared with a plan for each tutoring session. 
  4. Homework should not be the focus the meetings. It's fine to clarify homework questions, but you should not solve the problems (or begin to solve the problems) together in a group. The expectation for CSE coursework is that students do their homework on their own as we have very strict academic misconduct guidelines in the Allen School. The reason for this is that we want homework to be part of the students' learning experience as well as to help each individual student assess their understanding of the material.
  5. Ask for additional resources when needed. In most cases, desk copies of textbooks are available for tutors to use for the quarter. Send your request to Chloe Dolese (cdolese@cs.washington.edu. Chloe is also available to answer questions and help solve any problems that come up.
  6. Report any problems. Having trouble with your study group? Please reach out to Chloe and let her know so that we can work together to resolve any questions or concerns that come up throughout the quarter. We want this to be a valuable and beneficial experience for both tutors and students and are here to help if you need anything throughout the quarter. 
  7. Send feedback at any time. Our goal is to provide students in need with a strong tutoring service, while also making this a beneifical experience for tutors. Please don't hesitate to check-in with Chloe with suggestions and comments at any time