1. Meet with your tutor for one hour every week. We expect you to meet with your tutor one hour per week. Please be respectful of your tutor's time and arrive on-time and prepared.
  2. Keep your appointments. Once you are assigned a tutor, you will determine a meeting time with that person. Remember that your tutor is volunteering their time, and you should respect this commitment. If you need to miss a meeting, let your tutor know as soon as possible.
  3. Recognize your tutor is not your TA/instructor. Tutors are an additional resource to utilize outside of your TA/instructor but do not replace the course staff. Tutors are available to support you with course concepts and practice problems but cannot clarify questions about homework, projects, nor exams.
  4. Homework should not be the focus of the meetings. Please do not ask your tutor to help solv homework problems (or begin to solve the problems) together in a group. While tutors cannot go over specific homework problems, they can address concepts and themes from the homework, and provide practice problems related to the homework material. The expectation for CSE coursework is that students do their homework on their own as we have very strict academic misconduct guidelines in the Allen School. The reason for this is that we want homework to be part of your learning experience.
  5. Report any problems you have with a tutor to the undergraduate advisors. This should be a beneficial learning experience for tutors and undergrads, and we understand that sometimes a tutoring match does not work out. We will work with you to resolve the problems or assign a new tutor. This can be handled discreetly, so you shouldn't fear that you are "stuck" with your tutor for the quarter.
  6. Send feedback at any time. Our goal is to provide students in need with a strong tutoring service, while making the process as easy as possible for you. Please don't hesitate to check-in Chloe Dolese (cdolese@cs.washington.edu) with suggestions and comments at any time.

To request a tutor...

Fill out the Online Sign-up Form at the beginning of the quarter. Chloe Dolese (cdolese@cs.washington.edu) will keep students informed via email on the timeline for the matching process.

If you are in need of a tutor mid-quarter, please contact Chloe Dolese (cdolese@cs.washington.edu) directly with your request. The matching program will only be run once at the beginning of the quarter, so a late request submitted through the online sign-up could be missed.