1. Meet with your tutor for one hour every week. They expect to spend that amount of time with you. If you aren't struggling in class, take the opportunity to "teach" your tutor what you've learned. This will strengthen your understanding.
  2. Keep your appointments. Once you are assigned a tutor, you will determine a meeting time with that person. Remember that your tutor is volunteering their time, and you should respect this commitment. If you need to miss a meeting, let your tutor know as soon as possible and try to reschedule.
  3. Use your time wisely. Although it's okay to request help with homework, it is not acceptable to use the tutor's time to do homework. The goal is to clarify concepts and learn how to effectively approach and solve problems. Come to the session prepared with a list of questions and topics to discuss. You may wish to start your session by giving an overview of the materials most recently covered in class.
  4. Report any problems you have with a tutor to the undergraduate advisors or via this Anonymous Tutoring Feedback form. This should be a beneficial learning experience for tutors and undergrads, and we understand that sometimes a tutoring match does not work out. We will work with you to resolve the problems or assign a new tutor. This can be handled discreetly, so you shouldn't fear that you are "stuck" with your tutor for the quarter.
  5. Report positive feedback too. You can use the Anonymous Tutoring Feedback form for positive comments, too! It's our goal to make this program as useful as possible. We like to hear about the tutors who make a difference and the impact this has on your learning. Feel free to check-in with the advisors as the quarter progresses to let us know how things are going.

To request a tutor...

Fill out the Online Sign-up Form at the beginning of the quarter. Chloe Dolese (cdolese@cs.washington.edu) will keep students informed via email on the timeline for the matching process.

If you are in need of a tutor mid-quarter, please contact Chloe Dolese (cdolese@cs.washington.edu) directly with your request. The matching program will only be run once at the beginning of the quarter, so a late request submitted through the online sign-up could be missed.

New: Submit your feedback about tutoring via this Anonymous Tutoring Feedback form