The Bill & Melinda Gates Center for Computer Science & Engineering - a second building, doubling the space of the Paul G. Allen School - was dedicated in February 2019

Architectural rendering of the Bill & Melinda Gates Center

Architectural rendering of the Bill & Melinda Gates Center, looking across Stevens Way - click to view additional images and floor plans

The Bill & Melinda Gates Center for Computer Science & Engineering provides the space to double our annual degree production, educating more of Washington's students for Washington's high-impact careers. It provides new instructional and collaborative spaces, expanded research labs, a 240-seat auditorium, and a flexible event space - complementing the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering on the University of Washington's Seattle campus. Together, the Allen Center and the Gates Center enable us to provide an unparalleled education and research experience to students, and to engage in even more robust collaborations across the campus, the region, and the globe.

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The Gates Center is fully funded, thanks to the amazing generosity of hundreds of friends, alumni, and companies, as well as the Washington State Legislature and the University of Washington. The building was dedicated in February 2019. If you have questions about the project, please contact Hank Levy, Wissner-Slivka Chair (levy (at), Ed Lazowska, Professor, and Bill & Melinda Gates Chair Emeritus (lazowska (at), or Marzette Mondin, Director of Advancement in the Paul G. Allen School (marz (at)

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Allen School faculty, students, and alumni are pushing technological boundaries and generating global impact at a level that was unimaginable a decade ago. We have achieved groundbreaking developments in mobile health, with smartphone apps that detect life-threatening medical conditions; the Internet of Things, with battery-free devices that pull power from thin air; and new frontiers of computing, such as the effort to build a next-generation data storage system using DNA.

The Allen School is a leader in computing innovation due to our ability to attract and nurture expertise in core and emerging areas of the field, from computer architecture to computer vision.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Center provides us with the opportunity achieve even greater impact here at home, and in  communities around the globe.

Join us on our journey to change the world through computing innovation!