A gift to an endowment is a permanent gift to the Allen School. The principal is invested, to grow over time, while the annual income provides a reliable stream of support to help us achieve our missions of education, research and service.

Donors who contribute to an endowment create a lasting legacy - an investment in the present and the future. Because endowments provide a never-ending source of income, donors have the satisfaction of knowing that they are investing in the Allen School's mission while ensuring that their own philanthropic goals are met.

The Allen School's endowment priorities are:

The Allen School is growing! Learn about our campaign to fund an additional building

We have embarked on an unprecedented campaign to fund an additional building, which will create the space to allow us to double our enrollment. At our graduation ceremony on June 12, 2015, Microsoft announced a $10 million commitment to this effort. We need your participation! Information here!

Interested in learning more? Contact professor Ed Lazowska, Bill & Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science & Engineering, at lazowska@cs.washington.edu.

Lifetime endowment gifts of $25,000 and above are permanently recognized on the Endowment Wall in the Allen Center atrium.

Named funds are available for gifts of $50,000 and above. Appropriate recognition, designed in consultation with each donor, is part of each gift that creates a named fund.

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