Ed Lazowska
Ed Lazowska

Throughout his career, Ed Lazowska has impacted and influenced the lives and careers of countless students and colleagues, and has been instrumental in helping the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering grow in influence and prominence to join a small handful of top programs in the country.

In August 2020, Ed turned 70. Peter Lee and Jeff Dean proposed to honor Ed for this milestone birthday, and set out to raise funds to create a set of endowed Lazowska Professorships.

Harry Shum and Brad Smith came together with Peter and Jeff to quietly fund the first Lazowska Professorship. They have since been joined by more than 200 additional donors. To learn more about this special initiative, please read our blog post.

Our thanks to all of our donors:

Founding Donors

  • Jeff Dean & Heidi Hopper
  • Peter & Susan Lee
  • Harry Shum & Ka Yan Chan
  • Brad Smith & Kathy Surace-Smith

Leadership Donors

  • Tom Alberg
  • Jim & Catherine Allchin
  • Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
  • Dave Cutler
  • Anne Dinning
  • Cathy & David Habib
  • Don & Cindy Hacherl
  • Eric & Mary Horvitz
  • Gary & Chris Kimura
  • Shun-Tak Leung & Pik Sum Li
  • Daniel Ling & Lee Obrzut
  • Madrona Venture Group
  • Craig & Marie Mundie
  • Sujal & Meera Patel
  • Mike & Jackie Schmidt
  • Rob Short & Emer Dooley
  • Brad Silverberg
  • Charles & Lisa Simonyi
  • Lisa Wissner-Slivka & Ben Slivka
  • Guy “Bud” Tribble & Susan Barnes

Additional Donors (as of April 10, 2022)

View the complete list of donors here.

Holders of the Edward D. Lazowska Professorships

  • Luis Ceze, 2021-present