Established in 1999 with a gift of $500,000 from the Washington Research Foundation

Washington Research Foundation logoThe Washington Research Foundation (WRF) incorporated as a private not-for profit organization in 1981 to help Washington state research institutions capture value from their emerging technologies. WRF initially focused on patenting inventions and licensing them to companies. From licensing proceeds, WRF Capital and the WRF Venture Center were established. Revenues generated from both licensing and contributions from WRF Capital allow the Foundation to make gifts to support scholarship and research at Washington state research institutions.

Thomas J. Cable
Thomas J. Cable
This professorship honors Thomas J. Cable for his contributions as a founding board member of the WRF. He has been a leader in encouraging the development of high-technology industry in this state and co-founded the venture capital firm of Cable and Howse in 1979. More than 100 companies, including Immunex, ZymoGenetics, and others benefited from those investments of venture capital. A graduate of Harvard and Stanford universities, Tom Cable has been an active volunteer for the University of Washington and was a founding member of the UW Foundation Board of Directors (serving from 1988-1993 and again from 1995-1998).

Holders of the Washington Research Foundation / Thomas J. Cable Professorship

  • Shyam Gollakota, 2022-present
  • Dan Weld, 1999-2021