THANK YOU for considering a gift to UW Computer Science & Engineering!

Supporting CSE is as easy as using your credit card at UW's secure online giving site. It takes only minutes!

Google will provide a 1:1 match of charitable contributions up to a maximum of $6,000 per employee per year. ($50 is the minimum amount required to claim matching funds.) You make your gift directly to UW, and report the gift to Google via an internal website. Google verifies with UW and sends the match.

The high order bits (details below)

  1. First, give to UW CSE using the UW Foundation online giving website. Choose to support any of several specific funds.
  2. Then, use the Google internal website to claim the 1:1 match.
  3. Please inform Ed Lazowska if you encounter problems!

Specific CSE funds to support

Here are the names of specific CSE funds that are likely to be of particular interest to you.

  • UW Computer Science & Engineering Annual Fund 64-1101. This fund is used by the CSE Chair to invest in initiatives that have the promise of significantly increasing UW CSE's innovativeness and competitiveness in any of its three critical missions of education, research, and service. To give, go here.
  • UW Computer Science & Engineering Endowment for Innovation and Leadership 99-6338. This is an endowed version of the Annual Fund. Gifts are invested in the UW Consolidated Endowment Fund. Each year, a percentage is available to CSE; appreciation beyond this amount is re-invested to grow the principal. To give, go here.
  • Google Endowed Scholarship in Computer Science & Engineering 99-2394. This is an endowed fund created by dozens of UW CSE alumni working at Google. To give, go here. With the Google match, a $2,500 gift from you (~$200/month - two lattes a day) provides $5,000 for CSE's Google Endowed Scholarship.

Obtaining the Google match

Once you have made your contribution to CSE, obtain the matching funds from Google. Employees register their contribution on an internal website, and quarterly these gifts are verified between Google and UW and the corporate match is forwarded. Here's how to do it (please inform Ed Lazowska if the story changes!):

  1. On Google's internal matching gift web site, choose "Submit a New Request."
  2. The next page asks for gift type: cash/check, stock, or credit card. This is "certification" to Google that you've made (or will soon make) your own gift.
  3. The next page asks for the name of the charity. The "charity" for all contributions to UW is the University of Washington Foundation.
  4. The next page asks for gift date, gift amount, match amount, and "purpose." For "purpose," enter the name of the fund that you have chosen to support - e.g., "CSE Annual Fund" or "CSE Innovation Endowment" or "CSE Google Endowed Scholarship." This is how the Google match gets routed to the correct fund at UW. The match is disbursed quarterly.

That's all there is to it! Please let Ed Lazowska know that you've made a gift, as backup.

Additional information

  • The University of Washington is a registered tax-exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Federal Tax Code. Thus, your gift is tax-deductible, and is fully eligible for Google's corporate match. UW's Federal EIN is 94-3079432 (technically this is the University of Washington Foundation).
  • Although it's more complicated than using a credit card, there are special tax advantages to making charitable gifts by transferring appreciated securities - details and procedures are here. (This makes the most sense for larger gifts, such as creating your own endowment.)
  • You can also mail a check.

Thank you!

For further information, please contact Ed Lazowska (lazowska at Please also let Ed know if you discover changes to this procedure!

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