"Since 1981, through UW in the High School (UWHS), the University of Washington has partnered with high schools across Washington state to offer UW courses for UW credit in the high school classroom. Courses are official UW courses, taught by the high school’s own teachers, who have been approved and trained by UW faculty. Each year, more than 100 schools in Washington participate in UWHS.

UWHS is what’s known as a dual credit or concurrent enrollment program. In a dual credit program, students can earn high school and college credit at the same time. Along with Running Start and Advanced Placement (AP), UWHS is one of several dual credit options available to high school students. In Washington state, programs that allow students to earn dual credit on their high school campus by taking official college courses are called College in the High School programs."

Please visit this link to learn more about what makes UW in the High School a unique and compelling opportunity for students and educators.

How Does the Allen School Participate?

As part of our participation with UW in the High School, Allen School faculty and instructional staff have built a catalog of resources that are available to our partner high school teachers that offer help in structuring their courses in the vein of the Intro CSE courses offered at the University of Washington. We provide information about how to leverage our assignments, exams, solutions, in-class labs and worksheets, and support technology that allows students to complete practice problems and instructors to grade homework submissions.

**Please note that portions of this catalog of resources are password protected and only available to teachers following official acceptance into the UWHS program.

How Do I Participate?

Students & Parents

If you are a student or the parent of a student who is wishing to enroll in a UWHS course, please be sure to visit this page to get started.

School & Teachers

If you are a school or teacher school wishing to know more about the application process for becoming an official part of UWHS, please be sure to visit this page to get started.

(Quoted information on this page taken from UW in the High School homepage)