Using the Kiosks in the Allen Center

As you enter the Allen Center through the main entrance, you will find two touch-screen kiosks on your left. Their location is shown by the red ellipse in this map of the main floor of our building.

To use the directory, simply touch the screen of either kiosk. You will probably wish to search for a person or room. Touch the search box in the upper right-hand corner and an on-screen keyboard will pop up where you can enter a person's last or first name, room number, or the name of the room if you know it. Touch "enter" and the map should change to the floor containing the room you're looking for with room highlighted. If a phone number for the person or room is available, it will be displayed as well.

You should also feel free to explore our building by selecting different floors. Touch a room to see the room's purpose or whose office it is.