UW CSE Videos

Animation Capstone, CSE 460, Winter 2014 Mp4 Windows Media HTML5
screen shot of animation creation In this capstone, the student applies the knowledge gained in the fall quarter to produce a short animated film. Topics include scene planning, digital cinematography, creature and hard surface modeling, animatics and basics of character animation, and rendering techniques.
CSE's Google Scholars, 2013-14, April 2014 Mp4 Windows Media HTML5
photos of 2013-14 Google scholars In this short video, five CSE undergraduate recipients of our Google Endowed Scholarship talk about their dreams, and the impact the scholarship had on their academic experiences. You'll meet some wonderful young men and women who are destined for success.
"Sound Startups", April 2014 Windows Media
Logo for KIRO TV's "Sound Startup" series UW CSE is sponsoring a KIRO TV series, "Sound Startups," which highlights the Puget Sound region’s innovation economy. The promo for the series features Jeremy Jaech (SNUPI), Sarah Bird (Moz), and Glenn Kelman (Redfin).
Sound Capstone, CSE 481i, Winter 2014 Mp4 Windows Media HTML5
Screen shot of sound capstone This capstone will build projects utilizing computer audio techniques for human interfacing, sound recording and playback, encoding and decoding, synchronization, sound synthesis, recognition, and analysis/resynthesis. Students will work in teams to design, implement, and release a software project. Special items this quarter: we have two Oculus-VR development kits, and 15 Leap Motion controllers for use in building musical/audio/media interfaces.
DawgBytes - Reunion November 2013, Fall 2013 Mp4 Windows Media HTML5
DawgBytes alums working on computer

DawgBytes is the University of Washington's Computer Science & Engineering K-12 outreach program. We aim to introduce both K-12 students and their teachers to the exciting world of computer science & engineering. Alums from our 2013 girl's high school camp recently reconnected and learned to use Processing to read from and control hardware using the Arduino microcontroller.  More information about DawgBytes and how you can be involved may be viewed here.

Robotics Capstone, CSE 481C, Fall 2013 Mp4 Windows Media HTML5
Students working with robot in class

This course teaches the basics of robotics and gives students implementation experience with a state-of-the-art mobile manipulator. Participants learn to use libraries and tools within the most popular robot programming framework ROS (Robot Operating System). The course will touch on robot motion, manipulation, navigation and perception though lectures, labs and assignments, eventually integrating these components to create autonomous robotic functionalities. The project gives team-work experience with large scale software integration and gets participants thinking about opportunities for using robots to make people's lives easier.

Games Capstone, CSE481D, Spring 2013 Mp4 Windows Media HTML5
screen shot from game created in Games Capstone, Spring 2013

Students work in substantial teams to design, implement, and release a software project involving multiple areas of the CSE curriculum. Emphasis is placed on the development process itself, rather than on the product. Teams are expected to develop a work plan, and to track and document their progress against it.

Digital System Design Capstone, CSE477, Spring 2013 Mp4 Windows Media HTML5
computer hardware

Unlike traditional lecture-based CSE courses, students work in groups on a single project that parallels the experience of working for a real company or customer. Students will prototype a substantial project that mixes hardware, software, and communication components.

Animation Capstone 2013, CSE460, Winter 2013 Mp4 Windows Media HTML5
screen shot from "At Ease" animiation capstone film 2013

This course is offered to the Animation Capstone Students. Students use simple 3D models and animate them to learn basic character animation exercises starting with basic actions like walks, runs, pushes, pulls, etc followed by acting exercises including lip sync and facial expression. Students complete weekly tutorials followed with exercises of their own design. The final project in the course will consist of the design and execution for motion related to several "signature" shots for the capstone film and start with the planning drawings and reference video to the completion of the shots including completed renders.

Designing Technology for Resource-Constrained Environments, CSE481K, Spring 2013 Mp4 Windows Media HTML5
Screen shot of student working on cellphone to capture medical text

CSE 481K is the second quarter in a two-quarter-long design and implementation sequence held jointly between CSE and HCDE. In winter, CSE490D students formed interdisciplinary project groups with students from HCDE496/596 to scope and design projects for resource-constrained environments. This quarter students are implementing and evaluating many of those project concepts. The emphasis is on group work leading to the creation of testable realizations and completion of initial evaluations of the software and hardware artifacts produced. Students work in inter-disciplinary groups with a faculty or graduate student manager as well as an external "customer", usually a local NGO or faculty from other departments. Groups will document their work in the form of posters, verbal presentations, videos, and written reports.