Below are links to helpful resources for current and past Allen School postdocs, including campus contacts, information on potential research and career development opportunities, and guidance on preparing for an interview, building your network, and enhancing your research, leadership and entrepreneurial skills. We will continue to add to this page as new resources become available.

Resources for Current Postdocs

The Graduate School’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs serves postdocs across UW and guides them toward campus resources to support their career, appointment, mentoring, and teaching and research skills.  On OPA’s website, you will find a variety of self-service resources and opportunities for connecting with other postdocs, many of whom will have similar questions and career development goals.  OPA also offers financial resources to postdocs in the forms of travel awards and an annual distinguished mentor award.

Tip: The Graduate School’s Associate Dean of Student & Postdoctoral Affairs, Dr. Bill Mahoney, holds weekly office hours with postdocs.  He can advise on various topics such as creating your individual development plan, strategizing for conversations with your mentor, grant-writing, and more.

Tip: Subscribe to the bi-weekly postdoctoral affairs newsletter to stay informed on news related to postdoctoral study, deadlines, programming, and more.


Allen School Postdoc Orientation Slides: PDF

Allen School Postdoc/PI Meeting Checklist: PDF, Word

Creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Allen School Resources, helpful links for Ph.D. students, many of which are also valuable postdoc resources

Career Development Resources

Career Support , UW Career Center.  Postdocs are charged a $60 per hour fee for a one hour counseling session or a mock interview, but all other UW Career Center resources are free to UW postdocs. 

Career Advice & Information, Allen School

Advice for Academic Job-seekers, Professor Michael Ernst, UW CSE

Reflections on My Tenure-track Assistant Professor Job Search (PDF), Assistant Professor Philip Guo, University of Rochester

Maximize Your Chances of Landing a Faculty Job, Science

Preparing Your Curriculum Vitae

Academic Careers: Curriculum Vitae (PDF), UW Career Center

Top 10 Curriculum Vitae (CV) Writing Tips, Careers

How to Write a Successful CV, University of Kent Careers and Employability Service

Preparing a Curriculum Vitae: Proven Success Strategies, Quintessential Careers

The Art of Writing a Good CV,

Writing Your Cover Letter

Academic Careers: Cover Letters (PDF), UW Career Center

Mentor Memo: A Dozen Sentences That Should Appear In Your (Academic) Job Application Letter, Professor Philip N. Howard, UW Graduate School

Sample Materials for Academic Positions, University of California, San Francisco Office of Career & Professional Development

Understanding Cover Letters, Inside Higher Ed

Preparing for Interviews and Job Talks

Academic Careers: Interviews (PDF), UW Career Center

Academic Careers: Job Talks (PDF), UW Career Center

Advice for Academic Job-seekers, Professor Michael Ernst, UW CSE

Building Your Network

Networking Essentials for Postdocs, Postdoc Training

Postdoc Careers: Networking, Cornell University Office of Postdoctoral Studies

Enhancing Your Skills

Proposal Writing, UW Researcher's Guide

Tips for Writing a Compelling Proposal (PDF), Susanne Hambrusch and Ed Lazowska

Academic Careers: Research Statements (PDF), UW Career Center

Leadership Skills,

Leadership Skills: Become an Exceptional Leader, Mind Tools

How to Find Out Your Style of Leadership, University of Kent Careers and Employability Service

Confidence, Postdoc Training

Success Careers: A Matter of Confidence, Science

Building Confidence,

Building Self-Confidence: Preparing Yourself for Success, Mind Tools

Entrepreneurial Skills: The Skills You Need to Build a Great Business, Mind Tools