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Changemakers in Computing 2022

Undergraduate Diversity & Access Team Mission

The mission of the Diversity & Access team is to attract and support the next generation of outstanding computer scientists and computer engineers who reflect the many dimensions of diversity in Washington state and the diverse needs, backgrounds, and experiences of technology users around the world. We do this through K-12 outreach and recruitment efforts aimed at broadening participation in computing and through undergraduate retention efforts aimed at ensuring that students of all backgrounds feel like they can belong and can thrive in the Allen School..

The Diversity & Access team reflects a commitment to supporting students from groups who are underrepresented in computing. We use the National Science Foundation definition of underrepresented in the computing field including students who are women, African American, Hispanic, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, Native Pacific Islander, and students with disabilities. Our definition is more expansive, however, and includes but is not limited to students who have different gender identities, who identify as LGBTQ+, who are Black and Latine, who are from low-income backgrounds, and who are first-generation college students. We also consider the intersectionality of different identity dimensions. Our activities and programs are open to anyone who shares the goal of providing a supportive environment for students who are underrepresented in computing.

Our Work


We focus our K-12 outreach on developing a pipeline with high schools and communities who serve a significant number of underrepresented minority, economically disadvantaged, and future first generation college students. Our programs focus on introducing students to computing, post-high school opportunities, and social impact. We partner with multiple schools and nonprofits to serve students through our yearly programming.

Allen School K-12 Programs:

  • K-12 Outreach

    List of Allen School K-12 education programs for high school students!

  • Ambassadors

    Ambassadors are current UW students studying Computer Science or Computer Engineering who meet with prospective students. Check-out our ambassador page to schedule an appointment with an ambassador!

  • Changemakers in Computing

    During our CIC summer program, high school students develop coding skills, explore the changemaking impact through technology, learn about post-high school pathways, and build community with other changemakers.

  • CS Education Week

    A series of events for K-12 students & teachers to learn more about computer science, usually the first or second week of December.

Seven students pose in front of a large fountain, with a brick building behind them


We seek to recruit diverse undergraduate direct-to-major (freshman) and transfer students including those who have been historically underrepresented in computing. Our approach focuses on offering multiple ways to access information about the Allen School, providing quality application advising and support to direct-to-major applicants, and engaging admitted students throughout their decision-making process.

Core Programs and Webpages:

  • Apply to the Allen School

    This webpage serves as a first stop for prospective students to learn about undergraduate and graduate admissions pathways, get to know the Allen School, and find other resources on the UW campus.

  • Information Sessions

    We offer monthly high school and transfer information sessions that help prospective students to learn about our undergraduate program, what it is like to be a student at the UW, and how to apply.

  • Direct-to-Major Admissions

    This page explains the admissions process for high school and running start students interested in applying directly to the Allen School.

  • Transfer Admissions

    The Transfer Admissions page focuses on the process of applying to the Allen School as a transfer student. It includes frequently asked questions and other important information about transferring.

  • School Visits

    This webpage helps high school counselors, community college advisers, and community partners throughout Washington state to provide the most up to date advising to their students. They are also able to request a variety of different recruitment and outreach visits.

  • Admitted Student Day

    We participate each year in the Admitted Student Day event hosted by the Office of Admissions. Our sessions serve freshman applicants who are directly admitted to the Allen School.

  • MOR Events

    We participate in a number of events hosted by the Multicultural Outreach & Recruitment (MOR) team including Shades of Purple, Native American Student Day, the Young, Gifted, and Black Conference, and more!


We believe that we need to actively work toward an inclusive community where all students - from all different backgrounds and experiences - feel like they belong, can succeed, and thrive in the Allen School. We provide spaces for students to engage in intentional community building. As such, our retention efforts are focused on students who are underrepresented in the computing field; however, we believe that our retention efforts will benefit all students in the Allen School.

Core Programs and Webpages:

  • Allen School Scholars Program

    The Allen School Scholars Program (Allen Scholars) is a one-year cohort-based program that focuses on supporting emerging leaders from first generation, low-income, and underserved communities from Washington state who are pursuing a degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. All students who select Computer Science or Computer Engineering as their first-choice major on the UW freshman application are considered for Allen Scholars by the Office of Admissions. Allen Scholars provides additional intensive academic skill building and holistic support for students to build a strong first-year foundation in the Allen School and beyond.

  • Allen School Student Groups

    Currently there are seven Allen School Student Groups, which include five identity based organizations focused on fostering community within shared affinity spaces. Allen School Student Groups provide departmental socials, networking events, mentorship programming, and much more!

Diversity & Access Spaces

Diversity & Access Lounge (CSE1 202)

The Diversity & Access Lounge is located in Allen Center Room 202. The lounge is intended for students who are underrepresented in the computing field to feel less isolated and have a physical space to share and celebrate with other students with similar experiences. Students are welcome to use this space 24/7 to meet with other students, study, and relax.

Allen School Meditation Room (CSE1 027B)

The Meditation Room is located within the Allen School Undergraduate Student Lounge in Room CSE 027B. This is a dedicated community space for all Allen School students who seek a quiet place to reflect, meditate, or pray. Students seeking additional quiet spaces across campus can visit the HUB Meditation Room and the ECC Serenity Space.


  • The Meditation Room may only be used by Allen School community members with active Husky Cards.
  • Use of the Meditation Room is on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Please keep speaking, chanting, music, and other activities that might disturb others to a minimum.
  • Only food or drinks for meditation/prayer purposes are permitted. General eating is not permitted.
  • The burning of incense and candles is not permitted.
  • General study, other than that related to reflection, meditation, or prayer is not permitted.

Questions or Concerns

If you have questions about our spaces and/or there are problems with the rooms, please reach out to our team at ugrad-diversity@cs.washington.edu. Community members may also find the Allen School Feedback Mechanisms page helpful when concerns arise.

About Our Team

The Diversity & Access (D&A) team at the Allen School is part of the Undergraduate Student Services Team (USST). The nine staff members on the D&A team have distinct roles that focus on different aspects of our mission. You can read our bios on the USST page.

The Diversity & Access team also contributes to the broader diversity, equity, inclusion, and access initiatives of the Allen School. Click here to learn more about those efforts, including the Allen School’s 5-year DEIA Strategic plan!

Contact Us

We can be reached at ugrad-diversity@cs.washington.edu.