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VFML Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
_BeliefNet_Belief network ADT
_BeliefNetNode_Belief net node with full CPTs for local models
_BITFIELD_ADT for compactly representing a bit field
_DecisionTree_ADT for working with decision trees
_Example_ADT for working with examples
_ExampleGenerator_Holds the information needed to reproducibly make a random data set. See ExampleGenerator.h for more detail
_ExampleGroupStats_Sufficient statistics for Entropy and Gini
_ExampleSpec_Schema for training data
_StatTracker_Holds simple summary statistics of a sample
_VFDT_Holds the information needed to learn decision trees from data streams
FloatListPtrAn ADT for a list that holds floats
HashTableA hash table ADT
IntListPtrAn ADT for a list that holds void ints
VoidListPtrAn ADT for a list that holds void pointers

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