data visualizationThe University of Washington and the Seattle region have emerged as leaders in the burgeoning field of data science. As every field becomes more data-driven, the Allen School is at the forefront of novel data management techniques and visualization tools to fuel a new wave of scientific discovery and industry breakthroughs.

The Allen School's Database Group aims to broaden the focus of database and data management techniques beyond their traditional scope. Our researchers conduct both theoretical and systems research in big data management, cloud computing, data pricing, probabilistic databases, stream processing, sensor-based monitoring, databases and the web, XML, data management for ubiquitous computing, data integration, and data mining. The group frequently works with colleagues in Artificial Intelligence, Systems, and Ubiquitous Computing, as well as researchers in other disciplines across the campus.

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The Allen School's Interactive Data Lab focuses on enhancing people's ability to understand and communicate data. Our researchers develop new, interactive systems for data visualization and analysis in order to improve the efficiency and scale at which experts work, and to lower barriers for non-experts to make the most effective use of their data. Ongoing projects include the development of new languages, scalable systems and design tools for interactive visualization. and visual analysis systems for domains ranging from large-scale text analysis to population genomics. Connect with the IDL on Twitter.

For more information on our data science research and expertise, read about the Allen School's campus-wide leadership in data science and the activities of the eScience Institute.