Professors Yoshi Kohno and Franzi Roesner and students The Security and Privacy Research Lab at the Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering pursues high-impact, innovative, and exciting computer security research. Our research interests include security and privacy for embedded and cyber-physical systems, web security and privacy, mobile device security, security and software engineering, operating system security, network security, anonymity, censorship, human-computer interaction and security, security education, online misinformation, and many other topics. In fact, we think that almost all aspects of computer science have interesting security-related twists.

Security and privacy research at the Allen School is highly collaborative, both within our group and with other research groups in the department. We also engage with the broader campus community through a variety of collaborations, including the interdisciplinary Tech Policy Lab, a partnership between the Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, the School of Law, the Information School, and other units on campus.

Our faculty and students have received numerous awards for their research, and our work has helped to increase public awareness and to shape public policy on computer security and privacy issues.

See the Security and Privacy Research Lab web page for additional information.