The purpose of this endowment is to provide assistance to undergraduate students in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

Hellmut Golde served as acting chair from 1976-1977. Notably, Hellmut’s collaboration with five graduate students in the late 1970’s to produce a Pascal compiler had a profound effect on the department. Licensed to Digital Equipment in an agreement that paid royalties, the compiler generated well over $1M in revenue for CSE. Hellmut and his wife, Marcy, have remained active in the department since his retirement.

The scholarship was established by an anonymous donor in 2001 in honor of Hellmut's accomplishments and contributions to the CSE department. The award is based on academic merit. Currently the endowment generates $2,500 a year.

This scholarship is available only to those students currently enrolled as a Computer Science or Computer Engineering major here at the University of Washington.