Welcome to CSE Advising!  Our mission is to:

  • Provide the most relevant and complete information possible to prospective and current students, serving as a resource that provides guidance and problem solving
  • Foster a departmental atmosphere where all students feel welcome, heard, and responded to
  • Continually review and update the services we provide, ensuring that students receive an excellent undergraduate educational experience

CSE Main Office: Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering, room AC 101. Check in at the front desk for all appointments.
Email us: ugrad-advisor(at)cs(dot)washington(dot)edu
Call us: 206-543-1695

Undergraduate Advising Calendar

Upcoming departmental events and advising hours are listed on the CSE Undergraduate Calendar.

Meeting with an Advisor

Drop-in hours are for quick questions (5-10 minutes).  To see an advisor during drop-in hours, check in at the CSE reception desk in the Paul G. Allen Center for CSE.  If you wish to meet for a longer period, please email ugrad-advisor to schedule an appointment. Drop-in hours are listed on the CSE Undergraduate Calendar.

Undergraduate Blogs

All CSE Undergraduates are automatically subscribed to the ugradnews blog.

For job postings, current students can request direct email notification from the jobs blog.