Welcome to CSE Advising!  Our mission is to:

  • Provide helpful information and guidance to prospective and current CSE students
  • Foster a school atmosphere where all students feel welcome and included
  • Review and update CSE services and policies to ensure students receive an excellent educational experience

CSE Main Office: Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering, room CSE 101. Check in at the front desk for all appointments.
Email us: ugrad-advisor(at)cs(dot)washington(dot)edu
Call us: 206-543-1695

Undergraduate Advising Calendar

Upcoming departmental events and advising hours are listed on the CSE Undergraduate Calendar.

Meeting with an Advisor

Drop-in hours are for quick questions (5-10 minutes).  To see an advisor during drop-in hours, check in at the CSE reception desk in the Paul G. Allen Center for CSE.  If you wish to meet for a longer period, please email ugrad-advisor to schedule an appointment. Drop-in hours are listed on the CSE Undergraduate Calendar.

Meet with a CSE Peer Advisor

CSE has eight fantastic Peer Advisors who can talk with students about admissions, course planning, internship prep, connecting with research, and generally being a successful student. Find a CSE Peer Advisor at drop-in hours, or email them!

Undergraduate Blogs

All CSE Undergraduates are automatically subscribed to the ugradnews blog.

For job postings, current students can request direct email notification from the jobs blog.