Space is extremely limited in our majors-only classes and we often do not have space for students outside of the Allen School. Highly qualified non-majors can request space in these classes on a quarterly basis through our non-major enrollment request form (formerly referred to as a "petition"). Unfortunately, most requests cannot be accommodated due to capacity constraints. The Allen School has an extensive set of upper-division non-major course offerings for Non-Major students in Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree programs. These courses are open to all matriculated students at UW who meet the course prerequisites.

Undergraduate Courses (up to CSE 400 level)

A student may be eligible for a majors-only course if:

    1. There is sufficient course staff available
    2. The student is qualified for the course and has taken the prerequisites or appropriate alternatives
    3. The student clearly articulates why learning the course material will directly benefit them
    4. The student is able to attend the first day of school and all subsequent classes
    The following restrictions apply for undergraduate CSE courses:
  • 2 undergraduate majors only CSE courses maximum allowed per quarter (excludes support courses)
  • 5 total undergraduate majors only CSE courses allowed ever.(excluding support courses)

The enrollment request form for the upcoming quarters will be available on this page as follows:

The priority deadline is when we'll begin issuing add codes. You must fill out a request before the first day of the quarter to be considered for a space in a majors-only course. We will not be accepting any non major requests or giving any add codes after the first day of the quarter. There are some courses that are open to students outside the major starting Period 3 - please check the time schedule notes to determine whether the class you would like to take is one of those courses. For Spring Quarter 2024, CSE 340, 446 and 492J are open for registration to non majors after Registration Period 3!
Quarter Petition Opens Priority Deadline Petition Closes
Summer 2023 April 10th May 19th June 23rd
Autumn 2023 May 8th August 28th September 27th
Winter 2024 November 14th November 28th January 3rd
Spring 2024 February 12th March 4th March 25th

Ph.D./Doctoral Courses (CSE 500 level)

The Allen School allows for people outside the Ph.D. program (otherwise known as a 'non-major') to take 500-level courses. Matriculated students should complete the enrollment petition linked below. The petition is updated every quarter, so be sure the title reflects the correct term. Non-matriculated students can use the same enrollment petition.

This petition is only for 500-level classes, and students who petition are not guaranteed to be approved. Students may not receive an add code for several reasons, including but not limited to, lack of seating in the class, instructor preference to keep their course to Allen School Ph.D. students, or not having background skill suitable for the course. Our goal is to send out add codes, if available, the first week of the term. Current CSE Ph.D. students are given priority in these course offerings.

CSE Doctoral Course Enrollment Petition

The priority deadline is the earliest we'll start issuing add codes. You may not hear about your petition until the end of the first week of the quarter.
Quarter Petition Opens Priority Deadline Petition Closes
Autumn 2023 May 5 September 5 October 3
Winter 2024 November 3 December 8 January 9
Spring 2024 February 9 March 8 March 31
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Do Allen School undergraduate majors need to fill in the enrollment petition if they wish to take a graduate-level course?
Yes! By default the majority of graduate-level CSE courses are restricted to CSE graduate students. Interested Allen School undergraduates should fill in the form, ideally after speaking with a staff adviser or instructor about whether a graduate-level course is appropriate for them or not.
Can a non-matriculated (non-UW) student request enrollment in an Allen School 500-level course?
Yes! Here's how:
  1. Fill out the NM Student Registration Form. Save this PDF for later.
  2. Fill out the CSE Doctoral Course Enrollment Petition.
  3. Email with:
    • Your intention to enroll as a non-matriculated student.
    • The course name and number of the course you'd like to take.
  4. The Grad Advising team will then email you a digital copy of the NM Student Registration Approval Form via Docusign. Sign and complete the document. We will manage contact with the faculty member on your behalf.
  5. We will return the completed NM Student Registration Approval Form when approval is granted. If approved, your course add code will be included in the returned form. This may not occur until the deadlines listed above. Save this signed and completed PDF for the next step.
  6. Send the two completed, saved PDFs to the registrar via email at
When will I receive an add code for 500-level courses?
We make every effort to open the enrollment petition when Registration Period I begins. If it is not open, check back the following week. Add codes will begin being issued two (2) weeks before the start of the quarter. However, in many cases students will not hear about the result of the petition until the first week of the quarter. Note that the graduate course enrollment petition does not include "CSE M" or "CSE P" courses as these courses are typically not available for non-major registration.
Can I register for CSE 519 or CSE 520?
In order to enroll in CSE 519 or 520 students need to be engaged in research with a CSE faculty member. The talks featured in CSE 519 and 520 are open to the public, so students do not need to be registered in order to attend. Complete viewing information on the CSE Colloquia and Distinguished Lecturer Series can be found on the event webpage.
Can I take a CSE 590 or 591 course?
Maybe. All courses listed under CSE 590 and CSE 591 are seminars or group meetings offered by Allen School research groups and are designed for current doctoral students engaged in academic research. Typically offerings are not confirmed until the first week of the quarter. Students interested in any of these seminars should check the current time schedule and contact the listed instructor for permission. Email permission can then be forwarded to at which time an add code can be issued. Detailed information about each 590 and 591, if/when we have it, is posted on the Graduate Special Topics page.

BSMS Graduate Courses (CSE M courses)

CSE M classes are typically jointly offered with CSE undergraduate courses. During the first week of class, a student enrolled in the undergraduate version of the class may switch to the CSE M version if they have instructor permission and space is available. If a CSE M course is not jointly offered with an undergraduate course, students can email There is often limited or no space for non-majors in CSE M courses. CSE undergraduates not (yet) admitted to BS/MS can similarly switch into CSE M courses the first week of class if space is available and they have instructor permission (or the instructor is ok with any student switching). CSE undergraduates that have been admitted to BS/MS may register at any time for CSE M classes while still an undergraduate, but need to email to get registered.