Handshake is the UW’s online job and internship database. You can schedule career coaching appointments offered by the Career Center, RSVP for events, and search for internships, part-time and full-time jobs, from your computer or mobile device. In 2019-2020, Handshake expanded its offerings to include Experiences, an internship management tool for University departments.

In order to use Experiences, students will need to have a Handshake account. If you are a degree-seeking UW-Seattle student then you can login to Handshake using your UWNetID credentials at Please contact if you have any trouble logging into Handshake.

General Information

How to Sign Up

  • Once you have a Handshake account, you will need to select “Career Center” and then select “Experiences.” Next, select the “Request an Experience” button.

  •  Screenshot of Experience Tab


  • Select the “CSE 301 Internship” Experience type option.
  • Select the term you are planning to work your internship experience (NOT the quarter you are planning to register for CSE 301 if you are deferring your credits to the following quarter).
    • For example, if your internship takes place during Summer quarter, submit a Summer Handshake Experience request, and it is assumed you will defer CSE 301 credits to Autumn quarter, unless you indicate a desire to register during Summer quarter on the Handshake Experience request.
    • Alternatively, if your internship takes place during Autumn quarter, then submit a Handshake Experience request for Autumn quarter, and an add code will be provided to you via the Handshake Experience overview page to register for Autumn quarter.
  • Complete the remaining information as appropriate for your internship experience. Note that any information you provide will be listed on your Handshake profile if you leave the box “Add Experience to Profile” checked.
  • After all the required information is provided, select “Next Page.”
  • You will be asked to complete a personal evaluation of your work-related skills, which also serves as the pre-internship survey assignment for CSE 301.
  • Once the Experience has been requested, you will be taken to the Experience page. Here, you must upload a PDF of your offer letter before the Experience will be approved.
  • For additional assistance, refer to more detailed instructions provided by Handshake.

 What happens next?

  • The Handshake Experience internship request will be reviewed by the course facilitator. If all information has been filled out, and the offer letter uploaded, then you will be given initial approval. If you are a domestic student you will be sent an add code to register for the course at this time (if applicable). If you are an international student, be sure to submit your CPT application along with the Handshake Experience request (list Austin Browning, as the departmental CPT approver). Refer to the Enrollment Table for anticipated processing times.
  • When the final exam period of the quarter arrives, you will be contacted by Handshake to complete a post-internship survey. All other internship assignments will need to be submitted via Canvas, including the Internship Report, an updated resume, and the MyCSE entry.
  • If your experience has been approved, and all assignments have been submitted (with a 70% or higher), then you will be awarded credit for the course. Students will be able to track their grades via Canvas.

Credit Information

  • If the student is working fewer than 20 a week, they are considered part-time and are eligible to earn 1 credit of 301 for that internship. A full-time internship, greater than 20 hours worked a week, is given 2 credits of 301.
  • Students can defer a Summer internship (full or part-time) until the following Autumn quarter. However, if an International student takes a part-time internship during the standard academic year, they must register for the quarter in which their internship takes place (via CSE 301 or ENGR 320/321).
  • Students can register for more than one internship course per quarter due to credit deferment. Each instance of CSE 301 can only get a maximum of 2 credits. For example, if a student has a full-time Summer internship that was deferred until Autumn, and a part-time internship in Autumn, they would register for CSE 301 twice; once for 2 credits (to represent the Summer internship) and once for 1 credit (to represent the Autumn internship). This also means that the student needs to submit assignments for both internship experiences. Unless otherwise established with the course facilitator, there should be 2 (two) pre-internship surveys, post-internship surveys, MyCSE entries, updated resume entries, and internship reports.
  • Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors may use up to 2 credits earned per quarter towards their CSE Senior Electives requirement for a max of 2 credits. Additional credits will apply to free electives.


If you have questions about your Handshake Experience, CPT, credit hours, or anything related to CSE 301 please contact