Effective fall quarter 2016, the Allen School offers a Data Science option for Computer Science majors.

Computer Science students who wish to specialize in data-science-focused careers need to take courses that cover the core areas of data science including algorithms, machine learning, data visualization, data management, and societal implications of data science. To achieve this goal, the Allen School has a new transcriptable option in Data Science to be added to the Computer Science major; students who complete all of the required coursework will have the option listed on their transcript upon graduation. This specialization will ensure that computer science students interested in data-science-related careers get the broad and deep education they need and that they obtain a strong foundation in this fast-growing field.


These 4 CSE Core Courses:

  • CSE 421 Introduction to Algorithms (3)
  • CSE 444 Database Systems Internals (4)
  • CSE 446 Machine Learning (4)
  • CSE 442 Data Visualization (4)

Data Science and Society Seminar:

  • SOC 225 Data & Society (either 3cr or 5cr version) (3-5)

One additional course chosen from the following Data Science electives:

  • CSE 427 Computational Biology (3)
  • CSE 455 Computer Vision (4)
  • CSE 484 Computer Security (4)
  • CSE 447 Natural Language Processing (4)

The main courses required to complete the Data Science option are already among the listed “CSE Core Courses” that Computer Science majors chose from to fulfill the degree requirements.   Students wanting to declare the Data Science option should come to drop-in advising to fill out paperwork.