Autumn 2018:

CSE P 517 Natural Language Processing 
Luke Zettlemoyer - Instructor 
Day/Time: Tuesday 6:30-9:20 pm; Place: Johnson Hall, room 175

Overview of modern approaches for natural language processing.  Topics include language models, text classification, tagging, parsing, machine translation, semantics and discourse analysis. Video description here.

CSE P 524 Parallel Computation
Andrew Lumsdaine - Instructor
Day/Time: Thursday 6:30-9:20 pm; Place: Johnson Hall, room 175
An introduction to parallel programming and computation via a combination of principles and practice.  Topics to include styles of parallelism (data, task, pipelined); programming models (shared memory, message passing, PGAS); architectural implications (shared vs. distributed memory, multicore, accelerators, networks); programming issues and hazards (synchronization, memory consistency, race conditions, deadlock and livelock); performance tuning (scalability, locality); and algorithms. Video description here.

CSE P 546 Machine Learning/Data Mining
Geoff Hulten - Instructor
Day/Time: Monday 6:30-9:20 pm; Place: Savery Hall, room 260
Methods for identifying valid, novel, useful and understandable patterns in data. Topics to be covered include: induction of predictive models from data (classification regression, probability estimation); clustering; and association rules. Video description here

CSEP 590a Performance Engineering
Mark Friedman - Instructor (Distance) 
Day/Time:  Wednesday 6:30-9:20 pm; Place: UW: Paul G. Allen Center for CS&E, room 305; MS: Building 99, room 1915 

Introduction to the field of software performance engineering. Topics include queueing theory, operational analysis of computer systems, the mathematical analysis of scheduling policies, practical skill used to diagnose and fix performance problems, the role of stress and load testing in assuring quality of new releases, basic performance characteristics of computer hardware and its practical limits, and performance optimizations embedded in operating systems software. Video description here.

Winter 2019: 

CSEP 503 Principles of Software Engineering
Jim Miller/ Therapon Skotiniotis - Instructors (instructor links forthcoming)
Day/Time: Tuesday 6:30-9:20 pm; Place: PACCAR Hall, room 291

Introduction to all aspects of a software project, including early design, building the first version, operating a version while developing the next, maintaining multiple active versions, and ultimately retiring an old version. Video description here.

CSE P 521 Applied Algorithms
Anna Karlin- Instructor (Distance)
Day/Time: Thursday 6:30-9:20 pm; Place: UW: Paul G. Allen Center for CS&E, room 305; MS: Building 99, room 1915 
Principles of design of efficient algorithms with emphasis on algorithms with real world applications. Examples drawn from computational geometry, biology, scientific computation, image processing, combinatorial optimization, cryptography and operations research. Video description here.

CSE P 573 Artificial Intelligence
Dan Weld - Instructor 
 Thursday 6:30-9:20 pm; Place: Smith Hall, room 211
Introduction to the use of artificial intelligence tools and techniques in industrial and business settings. Topics include: problem solving and search, game playing, knowledge representation and reasoning, uncertainty, machine learning, and natural language processing. Video description here.

CSEP 590 Entrepreneurship: Company-Building from Formation to Successful Exit
Greg Gottesman and Ed Lazowska- Instructors
Day/Time: Wednesday 6:00-9:20 pm; Place: PACCAR Hall, room 291
Topics include starting, growing, managing, leading, and ultimately exiting a startup venture.  Note: limited enrollment for PMP students.  Contact Dave Rispoli for entry information.

Spring 2019:

CSE P 505 Programming Languages
Zach Tatlock - Instructor (Distance)
Day/Time: Wednesday 6:30-9:20 pmPlace: UW: Paul G. Allen Center for CS&E (CSE1), room 305; MS: Building 99, room 1915 

An introduction to programming language semantics through implementation and formal models. Emphasis on functional programming and covering the key features of modern functional languages (including type systems and memory management), along with some ideas from object-oriented and other programming styles. Video description here.

CSEP 557 Computer Graphics
Brian Curless 
- Instructor 
Day/Time: Thursday 6:30-9:20 pm; Place: Bill & Melinda Gates Center for CSE (CSE2), room G10
Introduction to computer image synthesis and interactive computer graphics applications, emphasizing the state-of-the-art algorithms and applications. Topics vary, but may include computer graphics hardware, visual perception, image processing, texture mapping, image compositing, curves and surfaces, photorealistic image synthesis, and physical dynamics for modeling and animation. Video description here.

CSEP 590 A  Applied Cryptography
Stefano Tessaro - Instructor 
Day/Time: Monday 6:30-9:20 pm; Place: Bill & Melinda Gates Center for CSE (CSE2), room G10

 to cryptography, with a focus on applications to real-world systems. Topics will include classical primitives and goals (hash functions, block ciphers, secret- and public-key encryption, message authentication, authenticated encryption, key establishment, etc), as well as common attacks and implementation issues. Case studies will cover widely deployed protocols like TLS, as well as blockchains. Advanced cryptographic techniques like multi-party computation, homomorphic encryption, and zero-knowledge proofs will also be covered. No formal prerequisites -- but some comfort with formal reasoning will be helpful. Video description here.

CSEP 590 B  Beyond Code Coverage: Modern Testing and Debugging
Rene Just - Instructor Day/Time: Tuesday 6:30-9:20 pm; Place: Bill & Melinda Gates Center, room G10
 of effective software testing and debugging, emphasizing state-of-the-art approaches. Topics include mutation-based testing, constraint-based testing, automated test generation, and probabilistic debugging. Video description here.

Summer 2019:

No classes offered.

Additional Autumn, Winter, and Spring Offerings:

CSE P 519 Computer Science Research Seminar
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Weekly presentations on current research activities by members of the department. Only Computer Science graduate students may register, although others are encouraged to attend. Credit/no credit only. Prerequisite: CSE majors only.

CSEP 520 Computer Science Colloquium
Schedule and Access Information

Weekly public presentations on topics of current interest by visiting computer scientists. Credit/no credit only. Prerequisite: CSE majors only.

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Please note that 519 and 520 are not offered during the summer quarter.

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