Email is perhaps the obvious service you think of in cloud-based services, but there is much more available to you. Both Google and Microsoft have web-based collaboration facilities, both have chat services, and a variety of other tools and services. This page lists the major services - and you are welcome to use either or both cloud providers for these services. The only area where you need to make a specific choice is to select your email provider.

Live @ edu Google Apps
Outlook Live
w/personal Calendar
Address Book Contacts
Windows Live Calendar Calendar
Office Live Workspace Docs
Windows Live Messenger Talk
Spaces Sites
SkyDrive G-Drive
(rumored to be in the works)
Photos Picasa

Belongs to the suite of Microsoft "Consumer Services". These Consumer Services are part of the "contracted" UW CSE Live @ edu service. These Consumer Services – accessible through your CSE access credentials – are covered by a contract between you and Microsoft (known as "Terms of Service" and associated "Privacy Policies"). By using these services, employees (including student employees) must agree to allow access, by UW personnel, to the data stored in those services, as required for official UW purposes.

Not part of the "contracted" UW CSE Google Apps.