These are the current Terms of Use associated with UW CSE Cloud Services. Because cloud services represent a rapidly evolving landscape, these Terms may occassionally be updated to reflect new information or new conditions that arise. You are responsible for abiding by the current terms at all times. Significant changes to the Terms will be announced broadly to affected users, or to the entire department.

To use any of the CSE Cloud Services you must agree to:

  1. Follow UW Computing Rules. (The same rules apply, whether you use internal campus-operated services or officially-sanctioned cloud services.)
  2. Never use CSE Cloud Services for certain types of data:
    • No "classified" (export-controlled) data. Check with the UW Office of Sponsored Research if you are unsure if this applies to you.
    • No health care records or data (HIPAA-protected).
  3. Acknowledge that UW data—as defined in definition of UW data—are the property of the University;and agree that any UW data that you place in a cloud service or other external repository will be returned to a University controlled location upon request.
  4. Report any inappropriate use or violations of these restrictions upon discovery to .

These Terms of Use describe mostly what you cannot do; for more information about CSE Cloud Services - in particular, what you can use them for, see the links to the left.

You can view these Terms of Use at any time - see the Cloud FAQ.