(Available in all Instructional Labs, unless otherwise noted.)

7-Zip 22.01 (x64)22.01
7-Zip 23.0123.01
Adobe Acrobat Reader24.001.20604
Android Studio2022.3
Apache ANT1.10.14 compiled on August 16 2023
Azure Data Studio1.44.0
Eclipse - egit6.9.0.202403050737-r
Eclipse Temurin JDK with Hotspot 17.0.8+7 (x64)
Emacs 29.129.1
Google Chrome124.0.6367.201
Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager7.6.5
IntelliJ IDEA 2023.3.1233.11799.300
JetBrains ETW Host Service (x64)16.36.0
JetBrains Rider 2023.2.1232.9559.61
MATLAB R2023a9.14
Microsoft Edge124.0.2478.80
Microsoft Edge Update1.3.187.37
Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime124.0.2478.80
Microsoft Expression Web 44.0.1460.0
Microsoft Help Viewer
Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server17.10.3.1
Microsoft Office LTSC Professional Plus 2021 - en-us16.0.14332.20685
Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server18.6.5.0
Microsoft OneDrive24.070.0407.0003
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio -
Microsoft System CLR Types for SQL Server 201915.0.2000.5
Microsoft Update Health Tools3.73.0.0
Microsoft Visual Studio Code1.7.2
Microsoft Visual Studio Installer3.9.2164.57262
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications 201916.0.31110
ModelSim - Intel FPGA Starter Edition
Mozilla Firefox (x86 en-US)119.0.1
Mozilla Maintenance Service119.0.1
NodeJS - ANTLR4.13.0
Notepad++ (32-bit x86)8.5.8
PostgreSQL 15 15
PuTTY release 0.790.79.0.0
Python 2.7.18 (64-bit)2.7.18150
Python Launcher3.11.4150.0
Quartus Prime Lite Edition (Free)
R for Windows
Racket v8.10 (x86_64)8.10
Realtek Card Reader10.0.10586.31222
Ruby 3.2.2-1-x643.2.2-1
Saxon-EE 10.910.9
Saxon-PE 10.910.9
Sophos Endpoint Agent2023.2.2.1
Standard ML of New Jersey110.99.4
Unity 2022.3.21f12022.3.21f1
Unity Hub
UW Services CA2030.09.03
Violet UML diagram editor2.1.0
Visual Studio Community 202217.9.3
VMware Player17.0.2
Windows Driver Package - Altera (WinUSB) JTAG cables (02/11/2014,2014.02.11 )02/11/2014,2014.02.11
Windows SDK AddOn10.1.0.0
Windows Software Development Kit - Windows 10.0.22000.83210.1.22000.832