The lab in 003 was redesigned in Fall 2016 to provide more lab space to undergrads, and with more people (and acres of hard surfaces) comes more noise. A move of the Quiet Zone has therefore become a necessity. Starting in Winter 2017, we are desginating the 022 lab as the ‘Quiet Computing Zone’.

All CSE Undergrads are welcome to use this facility, subject to the following rules and policies:

  •  While working in this room, users shall be quiet. If you need to collaborate with a group, please use one of the general labs (002, 003 or 006) or breakout rooms near the elevators instead.
  • No game playing of any kind.
  • Headphone jacks are provided, but any sound played through headphones should not be audible to surrounding users.
  • Following any reported abuse of this policy, users may be subject to removal and/or access restriction to the room.

We welcome your feedback and comments to Support@cs