Adding a printer may result in a Windows error "0x000006d1" being thrown; should that occur, you will need to run the following command. In windows 8/8.1, RIGHT-CLICK the START BUTTON area and select COMMAND PROMPT (ADMIN). For windows 10, RIGHT-CLICK the START BUTTON area and select WINDOWS POWERSHELL (ADMIN). Copy and paste the following into the window that comes up and press ENTER:
reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Printers" /v ForceCSREMFDespooling /t reg_dword /d 00000000

Ensure that the command reports: "The operation completed successfully.". We have generally found that a reboot is required after updating the registry key mentioned above.

It is possible that UAC will still interfere with driver installation, and you may need to back off your UAC to the second lowest level (rather than the lowest) to get the printers to install. On the metro (start) screen, just type UAC, and go to the "change user account control settings", select the second lowest one. You can change it back to whatever it was, after the printer is installed.